Sunday, December 28, 2014

Air Asia’s First!

The missing aircraft: Airbus A320-200 Reg. No.: PK-AXC
“‘AirAsia’ confirmed in a statement that an Airbus 320-200, Flt. No: QZ8501, lost contact with air traffic control while flying over the Java Sea from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore at 7:24 a.m. [this morning: Sunday 28th December, 2014] local time — a little more than an hour before it was scheduled to land at 8:30 a.m.”

Indonesian Search and Rescue statement says contact with Flt: QZ8501 was lost near Belitung Island.

Monsoon Season Thunderstorms in the area this morning
One source was quoted as saying that there were only ‘light winds in the area’ but the weather map tells a different story.

The Captain, a man of great experience, contacted Air Traffic and requested an increase in Flight Level (altitude) due to extreme weather.
No further contact was made.

Those are the facts as we know them right now.

There will, no doubt, be alternative theories.
One has already begun to bubble to the surface in that the aircraft was brought down by Zionist sympathisers who fear the rise of Islam in both Indonesia and Malaysia.
In spite of their paranoia there is no greater rise in Islamic militancy in the region than there was in 1946 when the Zionist terrorists, under Menachim Begin (subsequently Prime Minister of Israel - twice), introduced bombing of soft civil targets as part of their arsenal of terror tactics.
This will not stop conspiracy theorists from developing ideas along those lines.
King David Hotel after Irgoun

Much has already been made, even in these early hours, of the poor track record that Indonesia has in aviation maintenance and safety.
This is jumping the gun. No facts are yet known.

As with Flt No.: MH370, we do not know. The answer is, undeniably, ‘out there’ somewhere but it is not yet ours to know. It will not be unless the ‘black boxes’ are found.

QZ8501 vanished this morning with 162 souls on board. We pray that they are alive and clinging to life rafts on the ocean.