Monday, June 17, 2013

"A Simple Guide to Understanding Jet Engines"

The postage rates for UK and US from Malaysia have gone up by 50%! Books are no longer classified as 'documents', they have become 'small packets'.

Last week it cost RM27 (£5.48) to send a copy of "A Simple Guide to Understanding Jet Engines to UK and RM38 (USD12.13) to send one to the US.

Now the cost has escalated to RM60 (£12.18 and USD19.15)

Given that 'Amazon' take a substantial lump of the cover price my publisher has gone from making a slim profit to a loss on each book overnight.

It is for this reason that sales of "ASGTUJE" is to be discontinued as a physical book on 'Amazon'.
It will only be available direct from the publisher at a reduced cover price but 'plus handling & postage'.

Please refer soon to:

Please purchase "A Simple Guide to Understanding Jet Engines" direct from the publisher or, for Malaysia, from 'Kinokuniya' in KLCC, 'Mehraj' book sales in Kuala Lumpur or the bookshop in the departure hall of KLIA.

Overseas customers requiring a physical book will be asked to cover the cost of handling (post and packing).

Thank you for your kind consideration.