Monday, January 5, 2015


Just as a passing note: thank you to Benjamin Yee of Maryland, USA, for the wonderful review he submitted to ‘’ for “A Simple Guide to Understanding Jet Engines”.
Let me emphasise that I have no idea who Benjamin is other than the fact that he is a person of taste and discernment.

Why am I grateful?

Because all authors benefit from reviews. Sometimes the review is unfavourable as was one I had for a science fiction story I wrote.
But the criticism contained within the review was most helpful because it was constructive.
There is no doubt that whatever you write, or create, it will not be received with open arms by everyone.
Somebody will not like what you do. That is their prerogative. It is also their right to tell you why they were disappointed with it.

It is also encouraging that the person took the time to write the review. Positive or negative though it might be they sat down and put their thoughts about your creation on to the website.
For that alone, I thank you – who ever you may be.

Whether you are writing course or lesson notes; short stories; novels or textbooks the effort required is considerable. The words just do not pour out automatically – at least, they do not for me!
So appreciation from others is warmly received.

Thank you.

As a final note about ‘ASGTUJE’ (as we call it here in my house!) it was not written with the idea of making millions. The idea was to make the subject clear and simple. Even those who do not have English as a first language will be able to understand. For all readers, the objective remains the same – “K.I.S.S.” = Keep It Simple & Straightforward.
The endeavour with this ‘Jet Engine’ book was to explain the subject up to the level required (IATA Level 3) for license examinations without inundating the reader with complex equations and theorems.
And it has cartoons. Cartoons? In a textbook? Perish the thought! It has humour here and there, too. How heretical is that? After this you can ‘go on’ to the Rolls-Royce book of the jet engine, or Klaus Hünecke’s book, more confidently.

We hope that you all enjoy it. Not just pilots and engineers but also enthusiasts and hobbyists, too. It may even be useful for youngsters doing physics as there is a lot of basic knowledge covered in the early chapters that could be thought of as ‘Applied Physics’!

Thank you, again, for your reviews – for anyone’s story or book.

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