Monday, March 28, 2011

Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 900 Series

Following the failure of an engine on a QANTAS Flight out of Changi, Singapore, which caused airframe (wing) damage and the aircraft to turn back, Rolls-Royce have really pulled out all the stops and got to the bottom of it very quickly to the extent that there has been a EASA EAD (Emergency Airworthiness Directive)  -  courtesy of RR and the UK CAA, issued already.

EASA EAD 2010-0236-E: RB211 Trent 900 series engines: Engine - High Pressure / Intermediate Pressure (HP/IP) Structure – Inspections

Details of the EAD have been copied onto the following site:

for those who wish to see the details of the action required.  It is in a picture album titled "RB211 Trent 900 Series".

Rolls-Royce are to be highly commended on their swift and positive response to this situation.

If there is more news on this we will let you know.

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